The Dane says remaining in the Premier League ‘could have been an easy solution’ after departing Spurs, but he wanted a new adventure apart from England.

Inter midfielder Christian Eriksen has admitted that he held discussions with Manchester United on a possible move but claims he never actually considered the possibility of a change out of Tottenham into Old Trafford.

Eriksen voiced a desire to depart Spurs following a painful Champions League final defeat to Liverpool at the end of last year, placing a whole host of clubs across Europe on red alert.

Spurs managed to maintain Eriksen to the first half of this 2019-20 effort but chose to cash in on a prized asset in January after failing to convince him to extend his contract past that summer.

The 27-year-old completed a $22m move to Inter on January 28, and also the playmaker insists that he always intended to undertake a fresh challenge in another nation.

“We did speak to them, clearly, and we did hear what was possible and that which was not possible.

“However, in the long run, me personally, I needed a fresh challenge. To stay in the Premier League could have been an easy solution.

“Of course, staying at Tottenham would likewise have been a remedy but, for me, it only came down to wanting to try a brand new challenge in a brand new nation. Once Inter came up it really wasn’t a difficult choice.”

Eriksen went on to reflect on his final six months in Spurs, admitting everything started to go downhill in the aftermath of the group’s failure on Europe’s biggest stage.

“The Champions League final was such a particular moment. “To be there was so nice and beautiful. But you shed and the following day it’s the end of the world. That’s how it goes.

“Later it was not difficult. People were still sad in the Champions League final when the season began. When you get a couple of bad effects, then you go to a spiral you are not used to and it was challenging to return.

“But if you look at the Premier League, there is just one team that’s really flying. All others are attempting to locate their location, not just Tottenham. Some seasons are like that.

“The background of the previous five years is of Tottenham being they have not been before for a long time. It was not a time to end but, in a sense, it just came which was something we didn’t expect and didn’t need.”

Eriksen added on making the transition from the Premier League into Serie A with Inter: “Historically, it is not that easy to come in January. Everyone is at precisely the exact same exercise level because they’ve trained together all season.

“I want to match in with how they play and learn the different things they do.”