The former Chelsea star would like to find an under-fire Tottenham midfielder respond positively to criticism in people from his outspoken supervisor.

Tanguy Ndombele should be seeking to respond favorably to Jose Mourinho’s public criticism, says Joe Cole, with the Tottenham midfielder conscious that he’s operating in a”grownup’s game”.

Spurs’ $60 million (#54m/$68m) club-record signing from the summer of 2019 has suffered a testing debut effort in English soccer.

Form and exercise problems have prevented him from making the anticipated impact, with Mourinho taking to singling the France global out because of his supposed lack of contribution to the collective cause.

The outspoken Portuguese has said that Ndombele”must give us more than he’s giving” and announced the 22-year-old is”always injured”.

Former Chelsea celebrity Cole knows all about Mourinho’s sharp tongue out of having worked with a demanding coach at Stamford Bridge and considers controversial methods will deliver the desired response.

The ex-England international told PA Sport of the unwanted attention Ndombele was getting: “When it happened to me it wasn’t a problem.

“It’s a grown-up’s game. If you do not play well or you do not do what you’re supposed to do, if you expect to get criticised openly or not, you want to be tough, you will need to comprehend the nature of the beast.

“He’s a young guy, the perfect answer is to knuckle down and perform.

“I saw the operation in question and when he had been one of my players who would have been my stance on it.

“Whether or not I did it openly, that’s always the discussion to have with your training staff, what is the benefit?

“For the young lad, this is football, it can be a difficult, brutal sport occasionally. You are in the limelight, but we are extremely blessed to do what we need to do so you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth.”

Cole added: “Jose will understand what he’s doing, he’ll understand what the lad’s character is.

“He will anticipate the lad to respond, turn his time at Tottenham around, kick-start his livelihood or he’ll expect for the lad to proceed.

“It’ll be nothing personal but certain tasks need to be done on the pitch. Hopefully, the lad can do that.

“At times that remedy worked on me. He gets the best from a good deal of players, that’s why he’s won multiple prizes at multiple clubs around Europe.

“He knows about managing people. He knows when to whip the horse and when not to and that’s management.”

Ndombele has taken in 27 appearances for Tottenham throughout the 2019-20 effort, but only 12 of those have been Premier League starts.