Given that Tottenham Hotspur host a handful of NFL games each season, the club will have been hoping that there were a number of players who actually knew and had an interest in the American sport.

Some may know that Harry Kane certainly has aspirations of being a kicker in the game once his football/soccer career comes to an end, although it seems that there may be two other players in the Spurs team that have a relatively sound idea about the popular sport.

In Tottenham’s video with Betway, Ben Davies and Lucas Moura showed that they had a good amount of knowledge regarding the NFL as they were able to edge past teammates Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Sergio Reguilon in a three-round contest.

In the first round, which was a game of charades, Reguilon and Moura were both tasked with having to try and act out some of the names of the teams that they were given, with their partners having to try and guess which one it was.

The Spanish left-back’s enactment of the Dallas Cowboys was a particular highlight, as was his Dolphins impression.

Round 2 required the players to show off their knowledge in regard to certain jargon that is associated with the game, however this really showed just how much each of the teams knew about the NFL.

Hojbjerg and Reguilon appeared to be rather stumped by some of the jargon that they were required to try and explain, whereas Moura and Davies seemed to know in an instant what the terms meant, with the Wales international perhaps seeming to be able to define them without too much thought.

This is where the pairing of Moura and Davies took the lead, which essentially carried them in winning the overall competition as they had to compete against their teammates in a geography-based round.

The teams were required to position where they thought the NFL teams were based on a blank map of the US and both seemed to be able to plot a handful of them successful.

At the end of the video, Moura and Davies were announced the winners of the competition, having won 12-11; leaving the Welshman to proclaim: “how badly did they do if we won with this!”

The teams to be playing at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the next batch of NFL London games are yet to be revealed, but perhaps the four Spurs players will want to take a closer look and experience it when the games take place.