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Tottenham Hotspur Analysis was born with one thing in mind – to bring the very best Spurs news and views all to one place, whilst being as different and unique as possible!

We offer you all the latest news and opinions involving the north London giants and look to bring our own analytical spin to things to bring you a different viewpoint on matters that you may have already read elsewhere.

With our articles, our primary aim is with you, our readers, in mind and being able to relay the information in an easy to understand format and one that is digestible and thought-provoking at the same time.

In our view, there is nothing worse than an opinion piece that is bland, offers nothing to the discussion and leaves you with more questions than answers after reading something when you had hoped that everything we have been addressed.

Have questions about the tactical elements involving Spurs? Wondering what Jose Mourinho or a certain player can bring to the club?

Tottenham Hotspur Analysis aims to give you those answers and more with high-quality informative articles that are backed up with all the data and statistics to help illustrate the points our authors make.

We hope you enjoy the content on Tottenham Hotspur Analysis and can use it to educate yourself and look at the game and your team from a different point of view than what you may have previously looked from.

Have a strong opinion on how Mourinho should set his Spurs side up to play against upcoming opponents on in general? Do you think you can produce an engaging and educational analytical article to show just why you believe the manager should look to do the suggestion you have?

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